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About us
Alongda India Private Limited was established in 2016, Which is a company that specializes business in importing ceramic art washbasins and its headquartered in New Delhi, India. At the same time, we also act as agent for mechanical parts, energy storage batteries, and other import and export business. We are committed to providing you with the most cost-effective products and services based on the business philosophy of “Bringing the best quality to India”. Your dreams we realize , we look forward to your visit!
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We have more than 2000 years of experience in porcelain production, and with a rapid progress for technology since town establishment in 1004. The porcelain products were favored by European nobles and royalty and are collected in many famous museums around the world up to now. EHMAC is a brand which inherited a long history, which is rooted in Jingdezhen, the millennial porcelain capital, and faces the world. We produce a full range of ceramic art washbasins, inheriting traditional ceramic handmade methods and absorbing the essence of modern decorative arts, carefully produced after drawing blank, air drying, drawing, carving, coloring, glazing, firing, selection and so on total 72 processes. All products are fabricated by high temperature with the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, durability and fastness. Ceramic art washbasin is widely used in residential, hotel, office building and all kinds of places. Our products can be found in Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, southeast Asia and many other countries and regions, and also customize other ceramic decorations.
----We are committed to bringing the best quality to all around the world!

Hotline:+91 8929265021